New Felted Soaps

I really love to make felted soaps. It is a great way to do something unique and creative with extra bars of soap from a larger batch or to give a new life to wonderful smelling soaps that just are not as visually attractive as I had hoped - it is like a makeover for soap. Below are some of my most recent creations. The felted soaps have been extremely popular - especially the garden and floral themed ones.

Each cold process soap (you can felt over melt and pour too) is first wet felted using carded merino top wool, Romney wool or a wonderful merino and silk blend - some soaps use several wool varieties. Then the designs are needle felted on using the same types of wool for the wet felting. It takes very little wool (about .25 - .3 ounces) to encase an entire 4 ounce bar and even less to create the needle felted designs. 

The design possibilities are endless with these and are a wonderful creative and relaxing outlet. 

~ Faith

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